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The Happiest Place On Earth

I have a giant world map hanging above my bed. You remember it, right?

It’s littered with primarily red stickers, all signifying places I’d like to visit one day. Lisbon, Dar es Salaam, Mongolia. Every so often there’s a red sticker with a black sharpie mark in the middle to represent somewhere I’d once wanted to visit and eventually did. Australia, Buenos Aires, Rome. However off to the center right, in the midst of quite a few red dots, is a bright yellow dot smack dab in the middle of Bhutan. I don’t know why, but I want to go there more than anywhere else.

I have for a while. I know I’ve built it up far too much in my head. It’ll most likely be a real world example of the old “never meet your heros” adage. And yet I don’t care. It’s become my personal Zihuatanejo over the years. It can do no wrong.

Nobody Tried To Kill Me!

Earlier this month I had a bit of bad luck in the “will my plane take off today?” department. A few dozen delays, three airports, and a trillion snide jokes later I made it home. It was just after midnight and I had a 90 minute drive ahead of me in the middle of a monsoon, but hell, home is home. I don’t mind bad weather or long, solo drives but I do tend to look down on my truck catching fire in the middle of nowhere.

I think you see where I’m going here.

As I sat waiting for the tow truck that was “soon” to arrive, six people pulled over to ask if I needed any help. Six! That was 600% more than I had predicted.

I bring this story up only as a reminder that the world tends to be a scarier place than it really is. Scarier both in “what might happen to me?!” and “how will I manage?!” When it comes down to it, I’ve always found that the majority of people are good, kind hearted and yet I’m always amazed when I have to be reminded of this time and time again.

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