Hey Disney, don't sue me.

Don’t Worry, I Almost Don’t Care Either

I’m going to post 50 times over the next 50 days. Crap like this is the only thing that routinely gets me back in the habit of writing. So whatever I’m thinking about or doing over the next two-ish months, you’ll get a front row seat. I completely understand if you duck out after the first act to beat traffic.

And yes, this totally counts as today’s post.


Luckily There Are Some Cute Nurses


That’s Right


  1. ElizabethCD

    I am thinking of you. I never post, but I thought you should know. 

  2. Jasmine114892

    Thinking of you Goob, love to see that your spirits are still soaring!!! I wish you all the best on this new journey life has given you.

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