Goob Is Goofy

Hey Disney, don't sue me.

I Admit It

Whenever an old friend comes out of the woodworks on Facebook, one of the first things I do is check to see if they’re a fan of HIF. I’m batting .000 so far.


The Diary of a Disappointed Book


Thirty Days Hath September

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  1. i think what you already have done is a huge step towards internal freedom! way to go!
    once you start meditating regularly, you will feel like you are coming into your own…yoga also seems to help out if you can do that before you meditate to slow the ‘monkey mind’ down enough to be able to sit still and just be with the breath.
    happy to have found you on networked blogs
    the word goob is one of my favourites…like goober…like goofy goober :o)

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