We’re all too familiar with a generic online signup form. Step 1: Figure out an unused screen name without resorting to creative curse words. Step 2: Pick a password with at least one uppercase letter, number, and Chinese symbol (even though it’s far more secure to make it an easy-to-remember phrase). Step 3: The “security question” portion that has been made alarmingly unsafe thanks to social media.

Security Questions

I started blogging on Shyzer in 2002 at the age of 19. I created a Facebook account in 2004. I started Twit Twattering in 2008. And I’m fairly certain I covered each of the questions above at least once online.

My sibling’s generation is worse. Most have been leading an on-line life since they could communicate. We teach them to be safe, to not reveal too much about themselves, and yet we wouldn’t bat an eye at revealing our favorite sport or childhood hero.

And why in the hell would you give an option that invariably changes. My preferred musical genre? I guarantee today’s answer differs from what I’ll give in 12 months.

It’s worse when you can’t even create your own question. Letting me enter something random like “baseball/wine/candles” and then putting the answer as the first words I associate with those would be far more secure. But no, I’m stuck trying to remember my grandmother’s first name then in 10 months remembering which grandmother I chose.

Websites, stop doing this shit.