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Rodrigo Rosenberg Knew That He Was About To Die

I’m almost ashamed to admit I knew nothing of the events exquisitely reported in this article.

As Rosenberg dug deeper into the subterranean world of Guatemalan politics, he told friends that he had begun receiving threats himself. One day, Mendizábal says, Rosenberg gave him a phone number to write down — it was the number that showed up on his caller I.D. when he received the threats.

Rosenberg told friends that his apartment was under surveillance, and that he was being followed. “Whenever he got into the car, he was looking over his shoulder,” his son Eduardo recalled. From his apartment window, Rosenberg could look across the street and see an office where Gustavo Alejos, President Colom’s private secretary, often worked. Rosenberg told Mendizábal that Alejos had called him and warned him to stop investigating the Musas’ murders, or else the same thing might happen to him. Speaking to Musa’s business manager, Rosenberg said of the powerful people he was investigating, “They are going to kill me.” He had a will drawn up.

Set aside 30 minutes and have a read. You won’t regret it.

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  1. David

    That is an amazing story, had more twist than most movie writers can come up with.

    Don’t know why it made me think of this guy’s blog (I guess cause I remembered him traveling through Guatemala), but thought you might find it interesting. Not sure if you have seen it, made me think of something you’d do. I heard about when he first started and followed it for the past year.


    Hope you are doing well bud, I’ll return that call you gave me here soon. I’m not reliable at calling people, phones are the devil.

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