Cookie Car

Credit to rawlings27 from Reddit.

While back in my hometown last month, I encountered what might have been the coolest car I’d ever seen. It was similar to the one pictured above except it was dedicated to the far superior Skittles. I scrambled for my phone, but the light quickly changed and it drove away as I stared wide eyed, mouth agape, and utterly perplexed. I euphorically spun around to see if any of my fellow passengers caught sight of the same magnificent beast only to be greeted with six eyes looking at me as if I’d lost my mind.

Goob: Wha…guys…did you not see that car?!
Martha: Yeah, what about it?
Goob: …
Tommy: They’re all over the place. I think one guy in our neighborhood has a Mr. Goodbar one.
Goob: … …
Tommy: ?
Goob: !!!

Thank goodness I’m not the only person tickled by this phenomenon. I love it. How have I never heard of nor seen this before?!

Every day I’m reminded of how much I know nothing about.