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What’s In A Name?

Shadowy Pretend Figure: Hey Goob, what did you do yesterday?

Goob: Oh, not much, just spent a few hours working and then researching how to get a species of tapeworm named after me.

Shadowy Pretend Figure: Oh, cool, what freebies did you find … wait, what?

Goob: What freebies did I find? Um, I found a Yoplait yogurt coupon and-

Shadowy Pretend Figure: -No, no, the other part. You want to get a species of tapeworm named after you?

Goob: Oh, yeah! Apparently there are tens of thousands of tapeworm species still to be named! They’re already named 6,000 of them, so I figure all the leading parasite and tapeworm scientists already have a few species named after them. How cool would it be to have one of the remained species named after me?

Shadowy Pretend Figure: Aaaaand, that’s my cue to leave.


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  1. Julie W.

    Not sure which scares me more, the fact that you know more about naming tapeworms than most high school science teachers or the fact that you’re having whole conversations with shadowy pretend figures? Time to check out “Hey it’s Free” and get the thoughts of parasitic worms out of my mind.

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