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Yakety Astros

This is what I do while I’m supposed to be working. It syncs so well too!

Talk To Me

Rachel Maddow / Jon Stewart Interview

While half-awake in a medication-induced haze three weeks ago, I managed to stumble across the Rachel Maddow / Jon Stewart interview on MSNBC. Of course, at that time I couldn’t comprehend the purpose of socks let alone an hour long debate on media vs. satire, so I marked it for later and get around to watching it tonight. And damn if I didn’t dig it.

I would kill for more interviews like this. No graphics, bells or whistles; just two people sitting and talking. In a seemingly black void no less, which says something about the rarity of these types of interviews. It has nothing to do with politics or ideology (though I do enjoy both Maddow and Stewart), but instead with the deconstruction of topics we otherwise ignore. I’m the guy who will waste an hour watching cellphone video footage of a interview on a college campus just in case the interviewee lets their guard down. But to see this on cable TV? Yes please.

Where else can you find this stuff nowadays? It’s fitting that tonight’s conversation was partially about the 24 hour news’ cacophony of bullshit, because I can’t think of any show where people are frank and open to civilized debate. Charlie Rose can get people to open up, but you only get thirty minutes and that includes at least a dozen bad jokes by Rose. I like Lipton’s style of conversing on Inside the Actors Studio, but there it’s more about the person’s full life and we’re limited to actors. When you throw in the debate requirement, the list shrinks to nill.

So somebody go make a show like that. On the Internet! It could be cheap and easy and I’ll watch the hell out of it.

I Admit It

Whenever an old friend comes out of the woodworks on Facebook, one of the first things I do is check to see if they’re a fan of HIF. I’m batting .000 so far.

I Need A Map To Find My Map

I recently ordered a wall map from Amazon.

It showed up on my doorstep yesterday, wrapped and ready to be hung.

However, it came in this box.

Well done, Amazon.

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